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Thai Food

Vegetable Masamam Curry14.00
Vegetable Penang Curry14.00
Shrimp with Thai Basil19.00
Shrimp with Penang Curry19.00
Shrimp with Massamam Curry19.00
Sliced Chicken with Massamam Curry15.00
Sliced Chicken with Penang Curry15.00
Sliced Lamb Massamam18.00
Sliced Lamb Penang Curry18.00
Thai Fried Rice veg12.00
Thai Fried Rice Chicken13.00
Thai Fried Rice shrimp14.00
Pad Thai Noodle veg-tofu13.00
Pad Thai Noodle Chicken15.00
Pad Thai Noodle shrimp16.00
Assorted Vegetable in Oyster Sauce14.00