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We are a specialist restaurant in Poconos. We are known for our taste, ambience and hospitality. We are honest, dedicated and very efficient in creating the finest Indian, Chinese and Thai food. Our attention to detail, flexibility and affordability has made us one of the most desirable destinations in Poconos. We are equally steadfast in all our avenues of customer service which includes party, lunch, catering and home delivery. Be rest assured that our culinary expertise will take you to a memorable dining experience. View our elaborate menu and you would come to know more about the variations which we can offer in Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisine! just drop in if you are close by! You will surely relish the delectable dishes prepared by our expert chefs. We offer fastest food delivery in Poconos & we are known as one of the best restaurant in Poconos as well.

Our chefs are very polished and can promise to offer you the best quality food at an affordable rate. We have a wide variety of dishes that can surely awe you. Check our various options in the menu card. And if you are searching for the best food delivery in Poconos then, we will be the best option for you.